Torn Away Fine Art

STEP 3:  Once all the pieces are assembled the entire work is coated in several layers of glaze

STEP 3:  I glue the scrap pieces to create the finished product.

the process

One of the greatest challenges for me as an artist has been the difficulty in conveying to my viewers the process behind its creation.  The trade-off in successfully creating an image that at first glance appears to be one is the  frustration that the time and painstaking details are lost upon the viewer.

STEP 1:  On mixed media projects the base is typically a piece of plywood

How it all comes together ...

STEP 2:  Then I begin the arduous process of collecting scraps from magazines and newsprint.


STEP 1:  Each piece begins with an idea that I turn into a rough sketch.

STEP 2:  In addition to magazine scraps these pieces often include glass, metal, twine ....

From Scraps to Art